What Is Rancho Cucamonga Known For?

What Is Rancho Cucamonga Known For?

Whether you live here or are just visiting, California is a beautiful place to be. With the vast, lush Redwood forests in the north and the picturesque coastlines in the south, there is something in California for everyone to enjoy. This is why so many people have settled here and choose to visit every year.

Rancho Cucamonga is a special part of this special state. With a beautiful landscape, thriving culture, and a rich history, this area is one of the most underrated parts of California. As part of this community, our team at The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores believes that everyone should acclimate to this unique part of The Golden State.

The History of Rancho Cucamonga

The first Indigenous settlements in Cucamonga appeared around 1200 AD. The Tongva people were the first recorded settlers in this area and named the area Kukamonga after their native term for “sandy place.” For a while, this area had the largest Indigenous population in North America.

During the 18th century, Franciscan friars led by Father Junipero Serra had taken over the area and imposed the Mission System on the local Indigenous culture. By 1887, the area had irrigation tunnels and the beginnings of a railroad system. Rancho Cucamonga was best known at the time for its exports of peaches, olives, grapes, and various citrus fruits. Agriculture and wine continue to be large industries in the area today.

Rancho Cucamonga Weather

The weather in Rancho Cucamonga is a significant draw for tourists and settlers alike. There are an average of 287 sunny days per year in the area, which is 82 days more than the United States’ natural average. Rancho Cucamonga, like many other areas in the United States, is hottest between May and September, with temperatures averaging around 80 in the former and 90 in the latter. These are also the driest months, with less than a single millimeter of average rainfall between April and October.

During the October-March season, residents and guests can expect temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees with some rainfall. The terrain is classified as “warm Mediterranean,” which helps crops like grapes and citrus continue to thrive.


The Rancho Cucamonga area has been awarded many prestigious titles over the years. In 2006, Money magazine named Rancho Cucamonga the 42nd best place to live. Area high schools are nationally ranked as some of the best places to get an education. It was also named one of the best places in the United States to raise a family, because of the high-performing schools and exceptionally low crime rates.

Residents also note that, while the area is safe, it is properly developed as well. Shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and parks are easy to find in Rancho Cucamonga, giving it a vibrant culture as well as safe streets. Most streets are lined with trees and flowers, which offers a picturesque aesthetic to those who walk or drive in the area.

Crime Rates

The crime rate in Rancho Cucamonga is well below the national average, with the majority of offenses falling under the category of property crime. Violent crime rates are extremely low in the area.

Just as with any area in the United States, DUIs happen in the Rancho Cucamonga community. A DUI, or driving under the influence, is a crime committed when a driver operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher, or while under the influence of any type of drug. Fortunately, our team has been serving the Rancho Cucamonga area for many years. We can help to keep you safe and ensure that you are not unfairly punished after a DUI arrest. An arrest does not mean you are guilty, and we will work diligently to clear your name.


Q: Why Is Rancho Cucamonga Famous?

A: Although the Rancho Cucamonga area is known for being picturesque, safe, and entertaining, it gained national recognition from Jack Benny and his radio show. During the show, one of the announcers would say, “Train leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga!” This became a running joke on the show, and many people found out about the area from it. The bit is so famous that a statue of Jack Benny was erected in Rancho Cucamonga.

Q: What Is Good About Rancho Cucamonga?

A: Rancho Cucamonga has nationally ranked schools, which is a major draw for many families. The area is extremely safe and has consistently low crime rates. The weather in the area is a significant draw, with lots of sunshine, especially during the summer months. There is a significant mix of Hispanic and Indigenous cultures in the area, which creates a plethora of great food, entertainment, and nightlife. The area is diverse, and job opportunities are plentiful as well.

Q: What Does Rancho Cucamonga Mean?

A: Cucamonga is a variation of a Tongva term that means “sandy place.” When the Indigenous groups began to settle in the area in the 1200s, they named it Kukamonga. Over time, history and English influence led to a change in the spelling. “Rancho” is a Spanish term meaning hut or camp. The term was likely added when Hispanic settlers began to move through the area.

Q: Is Rancho Cucamonga a Good Place to Live?

A: Yes. Rancho Cucamonga has been ranked as the 42nd best place to live for many years now. The area is considered extremely safe, making it a great place for families, single individuals, and travelers. The educational system ranks highly both in the state of California and in the United States, providing residents with top-notch education options. The weather boasts well above-average sun, giving the area a thriving tourist trade.

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If you live in the Rancho Cucamonga area and encounter a DUI charge, it is important to get proper representation. With the help of our attorneys, you can fight your charges and preserve your reputation, family dynamic, and future. We are here to serve the Rancho Cucamonga community, no matter what your situation may be.

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