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Daniel really went above and beyond

Daniel really went above and beyond for my case and got the it dismissed. Would recommend him to anyone looking for legal hep.

- SM

Best attorney I have ever worked with!

Best attorney I have ever worked with! For reference, I had a really bad month. Three tickets for different reasons, and the fines were looking to be almost 2 grand with POINTS on my record. I never thought to reach out to a lawyer, but it was a bit overwhelming so I called a couple of places based on Yelp reviews. When I called Daniel’s office, I spoke with him directly, a lawyer, and not an assistant. I got to meet him one time in person and he clearly explained my options, how he would make court appearances for me and what the total process would be, and as of today ALL of my tickets were waived! His fees were completely reasonable and if I am ever in any traffic situation I will not hesitate reach out to Daniel again! I am pretty slow to give someone a glowing review, BUT I will now recommend him to all of my friends and family if they ever run into traffic issues. 2020 has been rough, but with Daniel, I was able to get a three-peat in getting my tickets dismissed. Kobe!

- KL

I would recommend Daniel to anyone

I would recommend Daniel to anyone looking for true representation. He was supportive, realistic and well versed in the matter in which I retained him for. He was willing to fight for me and indeed go the extra mile. He was honest, direct, and never left me feeling alone. He was confident and his defense was strong. I was very pleased with the outcome and would definitely look to Daniel first if the need arose. He’s an asset to the field of Defense Attorneys. Work with him and I am positive you will agree.

- SK

Wow. I really don't think 5 stars

Wow. I really don’t think 5 stars are enough to rate everything Daniel did for us. Daniel went above and beyond to help us out. I am not lying when I tell you I felt like he was a part of my family because he really cared he showed it to us in many ways. Daniel thank you for taking your time and sitting with my teenage son and making him see just like a family member would. Thank you for listening to me every time I had a concern or I would think there was no way out. You always brought my son and I to our senses. Daniel would always answer immediately any question. There was so many charges I always thought there was no way out. If you are looking for some to help you please contact Daniel. He is not like the others that just saw $ signs. He really gets involved he really really cares. I recommend him 100%. God bless.

- EC

Daniel Flores is the best at what he does

Daniel Flores is the best at what he does. He is also a great human being. He cares about others and that’s what sets him apart from other lawyers on the field. He’s prices are fair and he is willing to work on payment arrangements. We thank you Daniel Flores from the bottom of our heart. Thank you so much for your help. Thanks to him my husband’s motion for record expungedment was granted. The whole process was a Breeze.

- FL

Daniel was absolutely amazing

Daniel was absolutely amazing, informative and available whenever I had a question regarding my case not only over the phone but via his web account he sets up for you as the client. Prices are very fair and even arranges a payment plan if need be, thank you for your services as I was very happy with the outcome to my case. Thank you!

- JS

I am Bondsman and have been for 30 yrs

I am Bondsman and have been for 30 yrs. I’ve seen every kind of nightmare representation. Daniel is NOT that guy.
He’s hands on, prompt and Most Importantly communicative with EVERYONE involved.

- RD

If you’re looking for a trusted

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced criminal defense or DUI lawyer in West Covina or greater L.A. Area, Daniel is the one. He is smart, talented and a force to be reckoned with in court. He is known as a master negotiator, outstanding writer and persuasive advocate for all of his clients. He is well liked and respected by Judges, prosecutors, defense panel and his clients, alike. Most importantly, he is honest, kind and patient.

- GS

A miracle worker! Never thought

A miracle worker! Never thought my traffic ticket could be dismissed and reduced. Thank you for the best possible outcome. Five stars is not enough to rate Daniel P. Flores.

- VD

Great Attorney very professional

Great Attorney very professional a case I thought was going to be difficult was a walk in the park for Mr Flores he was able to get my warrant recalled, reinstate my probation then having it terminated with no community service. Nicely done

- JC

Daniel really went above and beyond

Daniel really went above and beyond for my case and got the it dismissed. Would recommend him to anyone looking for legal hep.

- SM

I highly recommend Daniel

I highly recommend Daniel, he handled my case super well and got it dropped. Thank you

- AL

I received a ticket from LA's umm

I received a ticket from LA’s umm “finest” and I knew from the second the officer came back to my car and explained the ticket I would fight this ticket. I asked around and Daniel Flores had good word of mouth. Hiring Daniel Flores was quick and easy and once he was onboard he took care of everything and I never even set foot in a court. Daniel got the ticket dismissed and I could not have asked for a better outcome. I would highly recommend hiring Daniel Flores if you feel that you were wrongly issued a traffic ticket.

- WH

Daniel is Awesome !

Daniel is AWESOME ! He walked me my cases throughly, I barely had to go to court he is more than a five star experience. He helped me with a DUI and a couple criminal cases , he knew the DUI laws and criminal laws. Daniel is very professional and advised me through a difficult time. He never left my side through it all and I would definitely refer him .

- LA

We hired Mr. Flores on a recommendation

We hired Mr. Flores on a recommendation by a friend for my child’s DUI. His rates were reasonable and he worked with us so that we didn’t have to pay it all upfront. He did a great job and things went better than expected. It was the best case scenario. We are so glad that we hired Mr. Flores. I highly recommend him.

- AP

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