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At the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores we expect you to have many questions about receiving a DUI in West Covina, Los Angeles, Riverside, Fullerton, or San Bernardino. Below we’ve listed our DUI frequently asked questions and answers. If there is a question you may have that is not on this list, please feel free to contact us at (888) 326-0919.

I was arrested for a DUI. Am I going to jail?

This is a common worry and a number one concern for a person recently arrested for a DUI in West Covina, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino. If you are asking yourself this question you must contact The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores now to review all your options. Jail may be a possibility but if you are given proper legal advice and representation there are many opportunities to avoid jail consequences depending on the facts of your case.

Do I have to go to court?
Can I win my criminal case in court?
I was arrested for a DUI what happens next?
What if I passed my field sobriety tests?

Before you are arrested for a dui a law enforcement officer will require you to participate in several dexterity tests. These tests are approved by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). These tests are believed to assist on officer as to whether a driver is impaired or under the influence. If you think you passed the field sobriety tests please contact The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores. He has the courtroom experience and the training to identify whether a person has passed their field sobriety tests. It is also possible that the officer did not give proper instructions before you did your tests. This means whether you did great or poorly on the field sobriety tests you still have some defenses available. Contact us now at (888) 326-0919 to investigate your entire arrest and determine whether you have a case that you can win.

What happens if I gave a blood test?

As a result of a DUI arrest CA law requires you to submit a chemical breath or blood test. If you submitted a blood test after a DUI arrest call us now for a free consultation at (888) 326-0919. An important question is ‘how was your blood taken?’ Did the officers forcibly draw your blood? Was there a warrant obtained for your blood? The manner in which your blood was drawn after a DUI arrest could be a significant discovery in your DUI defense that could win your case.

What happens if I gave a breath test?

There are many defenses that apply when a person gives a breath test after being arrested for a DUI. There are physiological as well as mechanical factors that could affect a breath result. In other words you want an attorney that is familiar with chemical breath test machines used by law enforcement as well as a proper inquiry that will investigate any and all medical conditions that might affect a breath result. Your breath result could have recorded a higher result than it actually was. Don’t plea guilty to a DUI where you have not taken into consideration the errors a breath test machine can make after a DUI arrest. For more information contact The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores at (888) 326-0919.

What is the difference between a trial lawyer and a defense lawyer?

They are the both attorneys. However a trial lawyer generally has more experience and more expertise in a court of law. Many defense lawyers have assisted with a trial or have watched a trial but there are a select few attorneys that are not afraid to take their case to trial and defend their clients in a courtroom before a jury or a judge. At the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores we have an attorney that has significant DUI trial experience and will represent you from the first stage of court all the way to the completion of a jury trial if it is determined to be your best option. Not every case is a jury trial case. However, an attorney that has jury trial experience can be more familiar with a court and its procedures including familiarity with staff, judges, and prosecutors. A trial lawyer does not mean all their cases go to trial. It just means you have an attorney that is going to fight for you and has the skill to defend you in many different ways for the best results.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you are asking yourself “whether or not I need a lawyer for a DUI” in West Covina, Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Bernardino, the answer is: CALL The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores immediately at (888) 326-0919. A criminal charge is not a conviction. A DUI ticket or court complain for a DUI or criminal offense is only an accusation. You have a constitutional right to an attorney to represent you and you have a constitutional right to fight your case in court. By pleading guilty without talking to an attorney you are giving up any chance of dismissing your case or winning your case or obtaining less consequences that may be required if you show up to court by yourself. Daniel P. Flores is professional and successful DUI lawyer that can provide you with a strong defense in your case and fully inform you of all your rights and consequences before you make a decision. Too many people plead guilty on their own in court by themselves without looking at a police report. Many people plead guilty without talking to an attorney. If you think you should “I speak with an attorney for my DUI” or any other criminal charge you received call The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores at (888) 326-0919.


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