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People make mistakes and DUIs happen. Still a DUI arrest does not mean you are guilty. There are defenses that work and The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores knows how to use those strategies for the best results.

At the Law office of Daniel P. Flores we provide legal services for persons arrested for a DUI or criminal offense in the Los Angeles area, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and all throughout Southern California. We will carefully review your case and determine the best strategy to win. We will examine police reports, chemical DUI samples obtained after the arrest, we will review any available video recordings of the arrest and use many other tools to fight for you. Here are just a few examples of what we do for our clients.

DUI Defenses

Daniel P. Flores has worked on over 1000 DUI cases and has seen all different types of scenarios that resulted in a DUI arrest. No matter the facts, Daniel has the skill to find the best defense that will work for you and get you through a difficult process including DMV, court, and possibly jail and various court ordered consequences.

No Driving Defense

Some of the cases Daniel P. Flores has worked on in his career involved an arrest after law enforcement observed or woke up a driver sleeping in a cars on the side of the road. The DMV instructs drivers if we are tired, the safe choice is to pull over and rest. But in many instances CHP and local Sheriffs make it their duty to apprehend DUI drivers even when there is no driving!At the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores we defend cases where the driver is arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below .08 but was not observed driving. The law requires a prosecutor to prove all the elements in a Driving under the Influence case including the DRIVING. Daniel P. Flores has defended cases such as these and knows the winning strategies to avoid license suspensions by the DMV and possibly have a case dismissed in court.

Driving with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) BELOW .08 percent.

If you were arrested for driving under the influence but your BAC results of blood or breath were under .08 call the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores at 1-888-326-0919. While the DUI law in CA allows an office to arrest someone with a BAC greater than .08 percent, there is another code section of the California Vehicle Code Section 23152(a). This law says it is illegal to drive if a person is driving while under the influence of alcohol.So just because your blood or breath sample was below .08 does not mean you are out of the woods.At the Law Office of Daniel Flores we provide our clients with an aggressive defense when a person is unfairly arrested and the law is misused by the prosecution. Having a DUI chemical sample below .08 percent can be a solid starting block to get a DUI case dismissed. Daniel P. Flores has successfully defended cases where the BAC was below .08 and has been able to have the charges reduced and the DUI charges dismissed.

Driver was unlawfully arrested.

In every case whether it is for a DUI or any criminal offense it is important to determine whether the officer had probable cause to make an arrest. Probable cause is where there is sufficient reason based on various facts to believe a crime was. committed. Law enforcement are trained to make these decisions in the academy and sometimes with a field training officer. However, in the real world making a decision to arrest is not always easy.If you were arrested for a DUI or some other criminal offense, there is still a chance to win your case if the officer in your case made an illegal arrest without probable cause. This defense can depend on several factors whether the officer actually observed a crime, whether illegal evidence was obtained before the arrest, or the arresting officer simply was wrong and should not have arrested you.The law Office of Daniel P. Flores has successfully defended cases for persons arrested for DUI under the age of 21 and in other cases where a driver refused to submit a chemical blood or breath sample. No matter what the facts are in your case Daniel will provide you with experienced, professional and effective legal representation. In many cases our attorney can appear in court so you never have to.

Defending criminal cases in West Covina, Los Angeles and more

It is your constitutional right to obtain legal counsel after criminal charges have been filed against you. A criminal charge is a mere accusation and does not mean you have to plead guilty. The court system is a place where all persons are afforded a right to present their defenses and where the law requires a prosecutor to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.Failure to prove the charges in front of a judge or jury can result in a dismissal of criminal charges or an acquittal if a judge or jury makes a not guilty finding.Many people believe they are guilty immediately after an arrest. However, people do make mistakes. No, not the person that was arrested! Law enforcement and prosecutors make mistakes too.These mistakes can be costly and can bolster your case and possibly result in a reduction of the charges or even a dismissal. The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores will review your case thoroughly to find the best legal strategy and to take advantage of the mistakes that may have occurred in your case so you are not unfairly punished. Call now for a free consultation at 1-888-326-0919.Daniel P. Flores has experience with defending various criminal offenses including driving on a suspended license, theft crimes, domestic violence and many more. He has helped clients with criminal charges in West Covina, the surrounding Los Angeles area and other courts in Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino.The goal at The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores is to give clients excellent legal representation, providing an aggressive and effective defense in the courtroom and guiding clients through a difficult and stressful time outside the courtroom.Daniel P. Flores is a DUI and criminal defense lawyer that provides representation to those who are seeking a defense from the charges. He is not a lawyer that looks for the easiest way to convince you to plead guilty. Our clients seek our services for an experienced and leading lawyer in criminal defense.

Why was I arrested for a DUI?

You may have been pulled over by the California Highway Patrol or local police or county sheriff officer. What was the reason for being pulled over? Why were you were arrested for DUI if you passed all the exercises (field sobriety tests) and questions they provided you.The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores will carefully review your case and speak with you one on one to determine your defenses. He has years of experience and has completed more than 1000 DUI cases in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino and more.Daniel P. Flores is an attorney that will speak with you directly about your case from start to end.At The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores we look to find the truth and not just accept the one sided account of a police report. DUI investigation reports can be wrong.Law enforcement officers make mistakes. Don’t plead guilty in court without knowing all your defenses available and if you can win. Daniel P. Flores is a lawyer that has won DUI cases in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino. To find out more contact us now 1-888-326-0919.

What do I do after arrested for a DUI in West Covina, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino or Orange County?

If you were arrested and released from jail or posted bail for your release you will be required to appear in court on a future date. DONT GO TO COURT ON YOUR OWN. You will find an experienced and professional attorney at The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores to review your case and appear on your behalf so you do not have to spend your time at a courthouse all day.In some cases you may need to be in court with your attorney. But court should not be your only concern. If you were arrested for a DUI you are going to need to prepare your case with the DMV because of possible license suspension consequences.If you ignore or neglect the immediate and necessary actions after your arrest you could be facing an automatic license suspension by the DMV and/or a bench warrant for your DUI arrest issued by a judge for failing to appear in court.At The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores we know what to do if you have a warrant for a DUI in West Covina, Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino, and we will explain to you the best course of action. For more information contact us now at The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores 1-888-326-0919.

What are the consequences for a DUI in West Covina, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside or San Bernardino?

Yes, jail is a possibility for a DUI. However, in some DUI cases jail is not a requirement. In most instances, for a first time DUI arrest, jail is NOT mandatory. However, depending on your case and your court sentencing terms and requirements can vary. Call The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores to provide you with more information on these and other consequences that could apply in your case.Jail should not be your only concern.After a DUI conviction a court will require you to pay a fine and complete a mandatory DUI program that can range from 12 hours to 18 months. There are also additional consequences including community service or day labor such as CALTRANS work by the freeway.For more information contact The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores at 1-888-326-0919 to defend you.


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