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If you were arrested for a DUI in the Los Angeles area call The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores immediately. Daniel P. Flores is an experienced DUI lawyer that knows how to defend you in the courtroom and guide you through the process outside the courthouse. He has successfully defended DUI cases in every courthouse in Los Angeles county.

It is important to discuss with your lawyer their experience in a courtroom and whether they are familiar with the prosecutors, the judges, the court staff. Daniel P. Flores can discuss with you what to expect from a judge if you will be required to attend mandatory AA meetings or whether you must prepare to be taken into custody on your first day of court for your arraignment.If you were arrested for a DUI and are ordered to appear at one of the following courts please call us at (888) 326-0919.

Stanley Mosk Courthouse
Pomona Superior Court
West Covina Superior Courthouse
Metropolitan Courthouse (Los Angeles)
El Monte Courthouse
Airport Branch Courthouse
East Los Angeles Courthouse
Bellflower Courthouse
Downey Courthouse
Pasadena Courthouse
Inglewood Courthouse
Compton Courthouse
Van Nuys Courthouse
Norwalk Courthouse
Long Beach Courthouse
Torrance Courthouse

If you received a ticket to attend one of the courts mentioned above for a DUI or other crime in the Los Angeles County area call The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores immediately. For some cases your attorney can appear on your behalf so you do not need to step one foot in court. However, in other cases for domestic violence charges or certain DUI offenses, a judge may order you present. Failure to appear in court could result in a bench warrant for your arrest. To avoid these mishaps or dangers, call the Law Office of Daniel Flores to speak with a lawyer and review your options. For a FREE consultation with a lawyer call (888) 326-0919.

DUI and DMV related Consequences in LA

If you or a loved one was arrested in Los Angeles county for a DUI it is important you speak with Daniel P. Flores now to review all your options. There are DMV consequences that can take place within ten days from your arrest. To avoid a license suspension call the office at (888) 326-0919. Your attorney should seek to have evidence heard and reviewed in an administrative hearing by the CA DMV. This can happen sometimes before your court appearance. Many people including some attorneys forget about this procedure and cause great damage to a criminal case or to person’s driving privileges with the DMV.

If you failed to contact the DMV within 10 days of your arrest contact the Law Office of Daniel Flores. He can review with you the best options to obtain your license or to get a result in court that could overturn the DMV decision to suspend your driving privilege.

Pleading guilty to a DUI is NOT your only option. At the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores we know the ways to win your case and we can advise you on the best way to approach a DUI in Los Angeles.

In some courts a court may require you to attend a hospital and morgue class as a DUI deterrent. You may also be required to complete day labor which could involve work in a local interstate or highway, or you may be required to pick up trash and clean parks. If you fail to complete these requirements a bench warrant for your arrest could be issued. If you want to avoid these types of consequences or you want to fight your case to avoid requirements like this contact the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores now at (888) 326-0919.

Los Angeles County DUI investigation and procedures

At the Law Office of Daniel P. Flores our Los Angeles DUI lawyer is familiar with the procedures that local law enforcement use in a DUI investigations. We will review your DUI arrest report and or traffic collision report and consider the driving, the field sobriety tests, the chemical tests and any audio or video recordings that may have been saved from your DUI investigation. Whether you were arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles by the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, or the local Police Department, the DUI law is the same. The same DUI defenses can be applied by our Los Angeles DUI lawyers no matter where you were arrested in Los Angeles County. Call us at (888) 326-0919.


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