What Is La Habra, CA Known For?

What Is La Habra, CA Known For?

La Habra is a suburban gem with a rich history and all of the offerings of an urban setting. Located outside of Los Angeles, this mid-sized city boasts a population of over 60,000 people and is found in the northwest corner of Orange County. The city of La Habra is not to be confused with La Habra Heights, which is a different city located in Los Angeles County.

In the past years, the growth rate of the city has declined, making the opportunity for moving to the area ripe. La Habra can offer the affordability of space, giving residents the room to design their own homes and own more commodities, such as vehicles. Although suburban, La Habra has a distinctly urban feel comparable to a small town. There are a variety of things to do in La Habra without having to feel overwhelmed by the traffic and noise in LA’s city center.

The city is also home to a large number of nonprofit organizations, outstanding school districts, a community theater, and service clubs. The city is proud to host a well-equipped tennis center, along with parks and sports centers. The Disney Citrus Classic Softball Tournament takes place every year in the most beautiful and often-visited park, La Bonita Park.

History Culture

The origins of La Habra date back to the 1800s when Mexican cattle could be found in the hills and valleys. Eventually, in the 1860s, a rich merchant purchased a large ranch in the area and called it Rancho de La Habra. However, soon after, there were intense floods and then dryness and scarcity, which drove many cattle ranchers into bankruptcy.

In the 1890s, settlers coming from the east by train and wagon showed up to purchase parts of the land that was Rancho de La Habra. The settlers that came to buy up the land used it to grow grains and breed sheep.

The grandparents of Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, were among these settlers, called the Milhous family. President Nixon established his first law practice in La Habra, beside the civic center.

In 1896, the community became official with the name “La Habra.” The founding fathers of the community, including Willets J. Hole, founded a rural school.

In the early 1900s, irrigation lines brought in water from the San Gabriel River to help with droughts. Therefore, avocados, citrus fruits, and walnut farms began to pop up in the area. The Pacific Electric Railroad Line was built to run through the city, and an oil pipeline was established. This brought in many workers for the oil and agriculture industry, and by the year 1916, La Habra was flourishing.

In 1966, La Habra became an official city with 3,000 people. The county library was opened in 1966, and the administration building, still used today, was established in 1969.

In 1974, La Habra won the highly regarded All-America City award due to its excellence in housing, environment, commerce, and community services. When La Habra won this award, the city had more than 100 civic organizations and service clubs, a history that influences the community culture of La Habra even today.

The community-service-oriented La Habra created a Head Start program and an innovative children’s museum. A Neighborhood Housing Service has been established as well, making La Habra’s culture family-friendly.

Everyday Life in La Habra

Living in La Habra means being part of a rich ecosystem of community programs, public centers, delicious restaurants, and innovative businesses. Some individuals commute to work downtown, while others work from home or in the area. The small-town feel means that neighbors treat each other like family and organize events together.

There is a large offering of community services such as recreation courses and special excursions, senior programs, and a diverse community resource center. What’s more, community theater is an integral part of life for some in La Habra. The city is green and covered in 20 different parks, allowing La Habra’s population to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Q: Is La Habra a Good Neighborhood?

A: Yes, La Habra has an education quality that ranks above the national average, and the crime rates are low. La Habra offers more affordability for a greater amount of room, which allows neighbors to enjoy more green space. The neighborhood is diverse and quiet, and to reach the beach, mountains, or desert; you are just an hour’s drive away. Families are looking to settle in La Habra more and more because it is a fabulous neighborhood to call home.

Q: What Kind of City Is La Habra?

A: This mid-sized, full-service city offers a plethora of public services, such as water and sanitation, police security, street cleaning and upkeep, recreational activities and programs, animal control, and permit and ordinance handling. The city has over 200 full-time employees and three school districts within city limits. The City of La Habra focuses on enhancing capital, increasing public security, growing economically, beautifying, and improving customer service outcomes.

Q: Is La Habra Urban or Suburban?

A: Although located within Los Angeles, it is a suburban area with a population of over 60,000 inhabitants. You can find a variety of restaurants, parks, trendy stores, and coffee shops, and most people living there are homeowners. Although the area is suburban, it provides somewhat of an urban feel from the community of young professionals and families that are residents of the area.

Q: What Is the Meaning of La Habra?

A: La Habra means “the opening” in Spanish. The opening refers to the “pass through the hills” revealed by Spanish explorers in July of 1769. In the year 1839, during which time cattle and horses covered the landscape of what is today known as Los Angeles, Mariano Reyes Roldan was given around 6,690 acres. Mr. Roldan coined his land as “Rancho Cañada de La Habra.”

Welcome to La Habra

You can truly feel at home in La Habra. This vibrant city has much to offer, including shopping, dining, top-notch law firms, medical practices, and community events that are sure to entice new residents.

La Habra Legal Help

The Law Office of Daniel P. Flores is committed to helping the citizens of this community with any legal help they may need. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we can get started building the strongest possible defense for your unique case.

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